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森林浴 :: scarf-neck tee :: SAMPLE
森林浴 :: scarf-neck tee :: SAMPLE
森林浴 :: scarf-neck tee :: SAMPLE

森林浴 :: scarf-neck tee :: SAMPLE

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Organic cotton top with silk-soft finish and drape.

森林浴 - from designer Caroline Downer (NYC/chief&mischief): Made from 100% organic cotton.

 chief&mischief celebrates the wonders of the natural world and the beauty of constraints. We make clothing, home goods and accessories using organic fabrics, up-cycled and recycled materials.

Goods are hand-dyed using only botanical and natural pigments to produce one-of-one pieces for a discerning world. Occasionally we revisit our roots to produce hand silk-screened graphic tees in limited runs. Formed in NYC & Tokyo — guided by the spirit of shinrinyoku 森林浴.

Do wash in cold water.


*FEEL GREEN™ means that our products were manufactured using environmentally friendly raw materials and processes, using organic ingredients, that are considerate of forest conservation.


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