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森林浴 :: back-pack
森林浴 :: back-pack
森林浴 :: back-pack

森林浴 :: back-pack

$58.00 USD

From designer J. Brandon Downer (NYC): easy eco-bags, all hand-dyed with natural fibers and an eco-spa finish.

Dyes used are natural, non-toxic, and don't contain fossil fuels or their derivatives. 

Beyond the comfortable look from the twist-dye process, the natural color variations can also hide slight imperfections, for extra-long lasting wear.  Colors will remain vivid (and on your clothes) - any slight fading that occurs over time is the simple result of using biobased (non-fossil-fuel) dyes and finishing. 

Do wash in cold water.

Size:   (L) 15" x (W) 6"x (H) 16" inch = 38 x 15 x 40 cm

100%  Cotton 





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