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By chief&mischief

Written by Caroline Dickie


Posted on February 20 2012

I’m working on our new garment tags that further explain our fabric and manufacturing process … I’ve come up with something like this:

“This garment is made from lyocell, a natural cellulose found in wood pulp.  The pulp is harvested on tree farms set-up on land that is not suitable for food crops or grazing.  The production of this garment is economical in its use of energy and natural resources.”

To be more specific:  Lyocell is made from the pulp of eucalyptus trees.  The wood pulp is processed in a non-toxic organic solvent solution that’s reclaimed and recycled in a closed-loop spinning process that conserves energy and water – up to 99% of the solvent is recovered and reused.  Production plant emissions (into the air from smokestacks, and from wastewater) are significantly lower by comparison to many other man-made fiber operations (rayon, polyester, modal). Overall the impact on the environment is minimal, and the use of energy and water is quite economical.

Here is some additional information about the general process of making T-shirts – the article doesn’t mention lyocell fibers, but does point out some of the complications with cotton – even organic.

chief&mischief is manufactured in Japan and the USA, and our fabric comes from Japan.  Our T-shirts are made with 75% Lyocell and 25% cotton.