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By chief&mischief

Written by Caroline Dickie


Posted on September 29 2007





chief&mischief:  NYC x TOKYO

The D.I.Y lifestyle promotes the ability of the ordinary person to learn to do more than he or she thought was possible. In the case of chief&mischief, we make hand-printed T-shirts, with a desire and will to develop related accessories. The movement’s influence has stretched from modern art, to music, and even recently, to politics (Yes We Can!). chief&mischief has incorporated these disciplines into a modern T-shirt collection that demonstrates an appreciation for lasting beauty, as well as the complex of colors, music, images, and ideas that can make the modern world such a beautiful, yet sometimes scary collage.


As a lifestyle brand, with roots in NYC’s D.I.Y subcultures of graffiti, stencil, and poster art, as well as punk ethos, chief&mischief draws design inspiration from the underground: there is a sense of, perhaps, slight amateur-ness, or even a little sloppiness, but with a sheer sense of glee, and feelings of rebellion. Just as D.I.Y has made it’s mark, influencing an appreciation for the rickety, anxious, or strange, unguarded thoughts, all with a childlike spirit, chief&mischief, presents an authentic view with a hope that people will like it.


D.I.Y can be seen throughout today’s visual advertising campaigns from iPod to Nike to DVF, however it is still is yet to be explored as a large-scale brand concept. chief&mischief aims to fill this niche with original concept designs, hand-printed on high quality jersey, pima, or organic cotton T’s.


“Get your hands dirty!”